Here’s a list of great resources to learn from. I’ll continue to update this page as I find more.

Software Engineering

Coding Horror – The single most influential blog from a pure software engineering point of view. I’ve been reading it for ages. I’ll continue to read it until Jeff’s fed up of writing on it.

Martin Fowler – One of the brightest minds currently writing and a great resource to keep on top of trends and technology (not the gadget type, that’s not so interesting for me).

Alan Kelly – Good blog on Agile practices. Been reading it for a few years and I can say that I’ve learned more than one trick with him.

Scott Hanselman – Another big figure on the software community. Mostly oriented at the .NET developer but every once in a while you can grab a gem from there.

The Codeless Code – A take on The Gateless Gate, for the software world. This is the sort of idea I hit myself on the head for not having to be the one that writes about it.

Signal vs. Noise – Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson are big contributors to my philosophy, both in the personal and profissional realms.

Bruce Schneier – I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Bruce (I’m sure he doesn’t remember but I have a photo to prove it!), years ago at the RSA conference. Another old faithful for everything security related. His books are great too.

Financial Independence

Mr. Money Mustache – Where most people start their FI journey.

JL Collins – His stock series alone is worth reading and re-reading. and now you can do it in book format too.

Mad Fientist – Binge listen to his great podcast and then go binge reading on all the books, blogs and resources mentioned. It’s one of best rabbit holes you can go down on the Web.

Early Retirement Extreme – This one is very interesting from a philosophical, ethical and personal living standpoint too.

Retire in Progress – Great blog from a fellow European. Brings a fresh perspective and European problems to the mix. We need more of these.

What Life Could Be – Another European FI blog. Another different perspective. Read and learn.

Frugalwoods – Inspiring journey from a couple who made a point of retiring to a homestead and leaving the city behind.

Tim Ferriss – Despite not being an FI blog, he wrote the 4 Hour Work Week, which I read years ago, before I even started thinking about these matters. I still follow his podcast and writings and he’s a great source for general purpose knowledge building.


David duChemin – I’ve been following him for many years, since reading his first book. I have learned a lot about photography from reading his blog, but if you read carefully in between the lines, you’ll learn about most things in life too.