I’m a Portuguese software engineer living in Ireland since 2013. Most of the aspects discussed in this blog have to do with the recurrent themes that I am interested in, around software engineering, self growth, financial independence and living a happy life.

Despite a lot of personal finance blogs existing out there, I wasn’t able to find any with information for my specific circumstances, that o person living in Ireland/Portugal and in Europe in general. There is a list of resources at the top that you can click on to check out blogs for other geographies and topics. Most of them are focused on American investment strategies, taxes and retirement. I hope to bring a different perspective, more European and with a bigger focus on Irish/Portuguese specific rules.

Everything written here are personal opinions and should be taken as such, which means I am in no way a life coach, financial advisor, or even that my opinions represent the ones of my employers, whomever they might be at the time.

Having that disclaimer in mind feel free to contact me.